What does content marketing mean? It is the sum of all those activities that involve the creation and sharing of media about your business. In this way the contents about your brand will be known by the virtual community.
Content marketing is not an activity focused on selling, although it is the pure communication of contents in relation to who is potentially interested in the goods and services you offer.

This is what we do everyday using our tools: social networks, blogs, online press agencies. In this way we broadcast on the web 2.0 contents that represent you activity, attracting all potentially interested consumers.

Content marketing is nothing but the pure art of communicating with customers, describing the qualities of the brand they are missing. It is not selling, but educating.
Educating means showing what could improve their work or life, involving all the user base in a formative path.
The point of content marketing is gaining the confidence of customers in exchange for sincere informations.

Do not forget the importance of new media for your brand. Trust someone who live in the web everyday.