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Tweet Adder Review, Free Demo, And Tweet Adder Coupon Code 35% Off

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If you don’t have time to read this Tweet Adder review, be certain to check out the free demo. Unfortunately, as of December 2011, the 35% Tweet Adder coupon code has expired, but you can still use the Tweet Adderdiscount codes DAN20 to save 20%. Also, I’ve got a new Tweet Adder review of version 3.0.

I want to start this review with a criticism of other such reviews I found when searching for a decent Twitter client that could auto-tweet, follow back etc…So many of these reviews simply describe the features of Tweet Adder, which anyone could easily find here on the Tweet Adder website, rather than discussing ways to use the settings. It’s boring and it’s a waste of web space! I’m going to discuss what can’t be found on the Tweet Adder site, namely: how not to get suspended, and a comparison of the software with my previous Twitter client.

Tweet Adder

How to avoid being suspended with Tweet Adder

The software has very specific settings for all its functions. So for example, you can set the number of seconds delay between sending out messages, follows, follow backs or unfollows. It also offers a lot of statistics about your twitter campaign that can help you decide on what needs to be changed about it to better fit the goals of your campaign, whether your a social networker, e-marketer, promoter, or whomever! I’m going to discuss configuring it to avoid suspension.

A lot of people complain that Tweet Adder can get your account suspended easier than other software, but every time I hear about this, it becomes apparent that the person just hasn’t configured it to stick to the rules. For whatever reason, one of the default settings is a following/follower ratio of 1.5: 1, which is fine for the first 2000 people you follow. After this the twitter rules change and you need to change this ratio to 1.1: 1. (some people say it’s safer to use 1.08: 1, but I’ve never had a problem with 1.1: 1). Being able to set this ratio is an incredibly useful feature of the software, just be sure to change that ratio!

Secondly, a lot of people get suspended for ‘aggressive following’. The problem is that no-one really knows what qualifies as ‘aggressive’. The general rule seems to be don’t auto-follow/follow back more than 1 person per minute and you’ll be fine. In truth, I’m sure you could get away with following faster than this, but why risk it? This is the main reason people using Tweet Adder get their accounts suspended, the software will let you follow as fast as 1 per second!

Twitter’s official follow limit is 1000 a day, but I started an account to test this and got it suspended for following 960 in one day, so that limit is flexibile. Personally I tell Tweet Adder to follow a maximum of 550 a day plus a maximum 200 followbacks, and I haven’t had any problems with that total of 750.

Also, be aware that people get banned for mass following and unfollowing very quickly, and while again, it seems to be a grey area, Tweet Adder allows you to set a number of days before you unfollow. If you set this to 2 to 3 days you should be absolutely fine, and it’s a very useful feature that you can set and forget.

Tweet Adder vs. Tweet Tank

I started off in the Twitterverse using Tweet Tank as my client, it also had a lot of positive reviews, but frankly I should have done more research, because Tweet Adder is better than it in nearly every way, in these ways in fact:

Firstly, Tweet Adder has a lot more statistics, and with the ‘history’ button you can check details about follows sent, unfollows, messages sent and updates. Tweet Tank’s limited stats weren’t even accurate a lot of the time. My favourite stats are those of people to follow back and unfollow, because it’s so satisfying when nearly every person I’m following is a ‘friend’, and I’m justified to have ‘I follow back’ in my bio.

Secondly, Tweet Adder has far more specific settings. Tweet Tank will only let you adjust it’s settings by minutes, rather than seconds.

Thirdly, Tweet Tank had a tendency to send the same DMs to the same people, which will get you put on spam lists, and if enough people do this, you’ll get your account suspended. Tweet Adder removes people from the message list after sending them a DM, and only adds them again when every follower has been sent one, so no repeats.

Fourthly, unlike Tweet Tank, Tweet Adder will save the user IDs of people you ask it to follow across sessions. It’s never caused a problem for me reloading these lists when I re-open it.

Fifthly, unlike Tweet Tank, Tweet Adder can automate nearly every task for you with the settings you assign it! You just open the software, and off it goes, following, following back, unfollowing and DMing all at once if you wish. This is a real time saver, and a great way to manage multiple accounts.


I’ve been in the Twitter game a while now, and have used Tweet Tank, Social Oompth, and Hummingbird before arriving at Tweet Adder, and I never went back. It’s got more features than any of them, is better laid out, and always runs smoothly for me. If you’re managing multiple accounts, no other software makes it quite this quick and easy. It’s helped me develop Twitter as my second biggest income stream after Search Engine Marketing! If you’re serious about making money on Twitter, this is the Ferarri of Twitter Marketing.

You can download a free demo of the software here to see for yourself, and don’t forget the discount code WHO20 if you then decide to buy it and want to save 20%!

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Here’s my main Tweet Adder review for the new version Tweet Adder 3.0!

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