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How to have a successful page on Facebook

Despite all the rumors Facebook is not dead, it actually enjoys good health and it still occupy a crucial position in social marketing campaigns. In fact, at the end of 2013, facebook had overall 1,13 trillion likes on world wide’s fan pages.



According to a survey carried out by CUOA Fondation (University Center for business organization) 86% of users browse Facebook daily, and 8 out of 10 people are fans of at least a company’s, organization’s or public figure’s pages. Most of the users, the 86%, likes a company’s page; this is a really significant fact because it confirms how widespread and effective a good facebook campaign could be.


But what exactly bring someone to click “I like” on a page? The first reason that spread a facebook page (74,7%) it is the word-of-mouth, so it seems important to share good and impressive contents that could become viral and increase your page’s popularity. Then, of course, an user often likes a page according to his interest and hobbies, so it is necessary to understand who is the Target User and what does he wants. Create attracting and original contents definitely increase the chance of sharing.


In order to reach success on facebook it is essential to create a dialogue with the users by offering them interactive contents, asking users to suggest some advice and giving them some contribute. In In fact the 43,2% of users wishes contents and initiatives addressed to fans. To mainly involve the users it is suggested to employ the ‘Facebook question’ App in order to create a poll, make questions and engage. Another very valid strategy is to launch contests: the attraction of a prime will bring you a lots of sharing and new ‘I-likes’.

At least it also could be a winning strategy to collaborate with other info – sites and companies, so as to offer guest posts from influents users.


Once you gained a certain amount of likers it is still important not to lose them. While it seems essential to share a dialogue with users, it’s equally crucial not to share too much, too frequently. That’s because users don’t really like a binge posting activity; on the contrary, only the 17% enjoys a company’s facebook page that shares more than one content for day.

Most of users unfollow pages characterized by a sort of compulsive posting activity, or when they realize that the over-mentioned activity basically consists in Spam. That’s the same reason that explain why we used to change channel in front of  a TV commercial, someone could unfollow your page if it becomes an endless, frenzies advertisement.

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