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The recipe of a successful infograpghic


In my last article i spoke about the importance of visual contents in regard to social and web marketing. An Infographic is a visual rapresentation of informations and it serves as an efficient tool to give data in an istantly, catchy and impressive way.

Infographics in fact make data easy to read and to remember presenting complex informations quickly and cleary.

For all those reasons infographics have an huge pontential of viralbility and shereability. In fact infographics increase 60% of a content’s sharing on social media. For understand the power of infographics we can just imagine that they are more shared than kitty’s images.

By the way is strictly important to create an infographic in the right way to gain a lot of shares and backlinks to it. More an infographic is well-realized and easy to comprend more it push the users to share it.

So let’s see together how to create a perfect and successful infographic.

1. Choose carefully the topic

An infographic should give useful information to the users. Identify your target users and ask yourself what they need and what they probabily want to know. A successfull infographic tell a story that people want to listen! For this reason, it’s completely worthless and counter-productive to make a visual content about something that nobody cares about!

2. The graphics should are awesome!

If your goal is that people sharing something it should look great. An ugly infographic could give you a bad reputation on internet creating hilarity between the users. Hire an excellent graphic and collect opinions before publish your content!

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It could be a winner strategy to adopt a graphic style which is coherent with the topic of the infographic.

3. Be clear

The purpose of an infographic is give informations in a clear way so as those can be easily understand and remember. So a cahotic infographic is pretty useless and instead it will dissuade the users to finish to read it and to share it.

To be clear and grabby use an unic font style (or anyway similar style fonts) that is clear and legible and organize informations’ importans by font sizes.

Also the layout should be distinct and follow a logic flow: organize the objects of infographic neatly and in a order that makes immediatly understandable the hierarchy and the connections between the informations.

Least but not last consider the size. An infographic should work on everytype of site without upset layout: for example a width of 735 pixels represent the optimal size for Pinterest.

4. Make your infographic easy to share

Users are not just impatient but they are also lazy and easy to discourage. So to have success and collect a lot of sharings for your infographic it must be easy to share. Use always sharing buttons on your posts and when it contains infographic provide an embed code.

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