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5 steps to a winning social media marketing plan

You are perfectly aware that without a social media marketing plan you will remain out of the world where things happen but you don’t have any idea of how to start? You have some idea but you don’t know how to put pieces together? You have feat that even if you hire someone your goals and values will remain misunderstood?

Ok, take a breath and remember that “making questions is part of the answer”: we will try to make order in your chaos with a simple “plug-play” social media marketing plan in 5 steps.

1. Define who you are

What do you want to say to this social world? You are a fancy luxury brand that needs to communicate that each product is an high level status symbol or you are targeting middle class and your product shows how incredible is enjoying simple things? Your service is a creative and brand new idea that will break all the rules or you are trying to enter in an industry with a defined structure? You can’t go online and “just talk”, ok someone told you that you must be natural, but natural isn’t casual: even Nature has its rules.

2. Claim your names

If you know who you are you have to start claiming your identity: is time to register domains, create blogs, Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter, Vine,Pinterest, Google+ profiles and emails with your names. And if you are a professional and not a brand you must remember Linkedin, Quora, and some specific forums related to your industry.

3. Be structured

All those places can generate disorder. Your duty is avoid it. Your social media structure must start with your website+blog (for information, for an official voice and for catch traffic from search engines using SEO) related with your social profiles. Choose your favorite networks: Facebook is almost mandatory, Twitter is every day more important, Google+ is necessary if you want that Google likes you, but you can choose between Instagram, Pinterest and Vine for pictures and videos if you want to follow all of them or use some software to manage all your profiles from a unique platform.

4. Social is not Advertising

Forget posts with “Buy it is the best”, “we have the better with less”, “every one want’s it” : you will look spammer or just a needy loser. Being social means TALK WITH customers and this is excludes monologues and yelling. If you want to make advertising you must have a budget to pay campaign on Tv, banners, AdWords, Video Ad on the web not annoying your followers that follow you for other reasons than see you asking them to buy.

5. Find their reasons

Create contents and ideas that always engage your followers, spread your identity to the entire world, catch new users from the web and generate sharing and conversions. Once you do one of all this steps you have to understand what is working, what not, and why. Being online is adjust yourself to new trends in the proper moment every time, is not just “start and let it go”.

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