Influencer Engagement

Interaction, conversations, communications, connections. To be known on the net takes some time, confidence, constant correspondence with bloggers, stakeholders, editors. We offer you our experience to spread your brand in all connections that social networks provide.

Content Marketing

Content is the king: every firm must produce and publish contents capable to describe trasparently the brand core business. We know all techinques to broadcast your blogs, videos, slides, social games, articles in order to let the community appreciate them.

Social Media Marketing

Your contents get a value only if combined with an accurate marketing strategy. Promoting yourself needs planning, interaction with customers and crisis management. On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all social networks bidirectional communication always arise from connections between stakeholders.

Improve online visibility.

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Why and how social marketing should be visual

Visual social media marketing consists in using visual contents like images, video and info-graphic to convey a message in a strongly and impressive way. In fact 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and visual contents are processed faster than text ones. In...

How to have a successful page on Facebook

Despite all the rumors Facebook is not dead, it actually enjoys good health and it still occupy a crucial position in social marketing campaigns. In fact, at the end of 2013, facebook had overall 1,13 trillion likes on world wide’s fan pages. THE DIFFUSION OF FACEBOOK PAGES...

5 steps to a winning social media marketing plan

You are perfectly aware that without a social media marketing plan you will remain out of the world where things happen but you don’t have any idea of how to start? You have some idea but you don’t know how to put pieces together? You have feat that even if you hire someone your...

TweetDeck for Twitter – Some Strategies For This Powerful, Free Twitter App

When I first started out on Twitter I was overwhelmed by the quantity of apps available, and while I still feel this way sometimes, it gave me far less headaches when I realised that the majority of all Twitter activity can be handled with two clients. One to handle auto-tweets,...
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